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Business owners talk about fighting crime

Representatives from more than 40 businesses around a northwest Medford industrial park met Thursday to discuss ways to cut crime in the area.

The support was extremely good, said Jerry Fitzpatrick, manager of Lumber Products and one of the meeting's organizers. Everybody was ready to take it to the next level.

Managers at businesses along Sage Road, Brian Way, Lars Way, Mason Way and Rossanley Drive say they have noticed an increase in thefts and vandalism and are searching for ways to combat it.

At Thursday's meeting, businessmen exchanged phone numbers so they can better look out for one another and talked about the possibility of going in together to pay for a security service.

Medford police also helped coordinate the meeting. Fitzgerald said the businesses were asked to list all the problems they've had (both crimes they reported and minor things that they didn't) so police can build a database and help search for solutions.

The group plans to meet again at noon Jan. 28 at Lumber Products, 2077 Lars Way. They will review bids from security companies and continue to brainstorm on security issues.