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Enchanted Attic Home & Garden opens in Ashland

Enchanted Attic Home & Garden has opened at 1642 Ashland St. in Ashland.

The business, which opened May 11, features new and used home and garden furnishings. It is owned by Beverly Rydbom and Shirley Funster and managed by Phylis Mosser and Jeannette Stovall.

The phone number is 488-6040.

Medford's Batzer Inc. earns contractors safety award

Medford's Batzer Inc. was awarded a safety commendation by the national Associated General Contractors Safety Awards Program for 1999.

The award goes to AGC members whose safety incident rate is either zero or at least 25 percent below the industry's three-year average.

Puget Sound Safeways to have upstairs rentals

At two planned Seattle-area Safeway supermarkets, you?ll be able to pick up your groceries downstairs — and buy or rent a place to live upstairs.

Safeway is teaming up with Milliken Development of Vancouver, B.C., to build two new retail-apartment complexes, one in Seattle's Lower Queen Anne neighborhood and the other in downtown Bellevue.

The existing Safeway store on First Avenue West will be torn down and replaced by a supermarket more than twice its size, 3,800 square feet of retail space along West Mercer Street, and about 50 condominiums, according to developer Donald Milliken and preliminary plans filed with the city.

The Bellevue project, which is not quite as advanced as the Lower Queen Anne development, would be far larger: more than 680,000 square feet.

AT&T says it plans to file revised rate increases

Less than 48 hours after AT&T rescinded a basic rate hike amid consumer protest, company officials said they plan to file for revised rate increases within days.

The increases are necessary for AT&T to meet revenue projections, said company spokesman Mark Siegel.

On Wednesday, AT&T withdrew a week-old rate increase that applied to customers not signed up to a discount plan.

The increase drew criticism because it seemingly bucked a deal with the Federal Communications Commission whereby the agency agreed to reduce access fees paid by AT&T to local carriers and, in return, AT&T agreed to pass the savings along to customers.World

Multimillionaire envisions new $600 million Titanic II

Welcome to Titanic, the sequel.

A South African multimillionaire announced Friday that he would spend $600 million to build Titanic II, a floating tribute to luxury, sea breezes and the legacy of a predecessor that disappeared into the deep Atlantic in 1912.

Businessman Sarel Gous stood in the ship's birthplace — the Harland & Wolff shipyards in Belfast — and laid out his plans.

It will not be a replica, he said. It will be based on the original vessel and will attempt to retain the ambiance of the original Titanic. But it will be a different ship; it will be larger than the original.

It was 883 feet long. There will be a grand staircase and ballroom, and sophisticated navigational and safety equipment.

From staff and wire reports