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Former Ski Haus gets on board

Jack's Board House rides enthusiasm for Medford's skate park

MEDFORD — What started as Jack's Ski Haus in Phoenix in 1985 has now evolved into Jack's Board House, a shop that caught the wave of snowboarding and skateboarding early on and rode it to a prime location, right next to Medford's new skate park.

The Board House opened in May, at the same time as the skate park. It offers a full range of skateboards, snowboards, boarding clothing and accessories.

— — Company — name:

Jack's Board House. —


skateboard and — snowboard sales and repair.


456 Highland (at — Siskiyou), Medford.




10 a.m.-6 p.m. — Monday-Saturday, noon-5 p.m. Sunday.


Tom and Rita — Allred.


Four, including — owners. — —

Because of the increasingly mainstream popularity of snowboards, owners Tom and Rita Allred have dropped downhill skis entirely.

Skiing is steadily losing ground to boarding, said Tom Allred. We're not

getting new ski customers who replace the retiring skiers. The young people coming into the sport want boards and so do girls, families, guys in their 50s, everyone.

Boarding is getting away from that early outlaw image. Plus, you can get good at boarding in two years, where skiing takes ten.

A decade ago, the Allreds were the first store in the area to sell snowboards.

I had a feeling about them, said Tom. I knew they were going to be big. The other stores held off for years, but we started selling them like hotcakes.

Many discount markets and board shops now offer snowboards and skateboards, but the Allreds have carved out a strong service and repair niche to make it more than just a place that wants to sell stuff, Tom said.

We're known for our service and knowledge, just as we were in the Ski Haus, said Tom. They're part of the boarding family too.

The kids all know we're here and we haven't even started advertising yet, said Rita.

Every Sunday I take punch and water over to the park, because they get so hot. If they break a part, they know they can come here and get a diagnosis or use our tools.

A lot of small kids get dropped off here and they can ?board and relax here and watch a boarding video when they're tired.

With better boarders who set a positive example, Jack's sometimes trades logo-display for discount goods, the owners say.

Founder Jack Allred is dead, but his son Tom has kept the business name to honor him.

Former Ski Haus gets on board