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Company chosen to rebuild Skevington Crossing footbridge

ROGUE RIVER - Timber Mountain Construction of Rogue River will rebuild Skevington Crossing.

Bids to replace the well-liked footbridge, which connected Palmerton and Anna Classick Bicentennial parks until it washed away in the New Year's flood of 1997, ranged from Timber Mountain's $257,300 to a high bid of $375,247.

Much different from the original wooden swinging structure built in the late 80s over Evans Creek, the new span will be a 234-foot-long suspension bridge with a rigid wooden deck that will also hold an 8-inch city water line.

The new structure's deck will be considerably wider, and 95 percent of the completed structure will sit above the 100-year flood plain.

Public works director Ken Johnson said six bids were received to rebuild the footbridge. The contract was awarded to Timber Mountain not only because its bid was lowest but because it came highly recommended, Johnson said.

A pre-construction meeting is scheduled for Aug. 22, at which time a final contract will likely be signed.

Johnson said project coordinators hope construction can begin as soon as supplies and equipment are ready to go.

The new bridge will be constructed with $300,000 of disaster relief money in the form of a federal Housing and Urban Development grant. Completion of the project must take place by the end of this year to meet requirements of the funding.

"Because of the tight timeline they want to ensure materials are already coming their direction. The first step will be drilling holes in the two parks for towers to be placed," said Johnson.

OBEC of Eugene, in charge of design work and engineering for bridge, will manage construction.

The original name of the footbridge, given for bridge builder and lifelong local resident Dick Skevington, likely will stay the same.

Buffy Pollock is a free-lance writer living in Medford.