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C-SPAN still lists 'Booknotes'

Since You Asked

Can you tell me why we lost the weekend book show on C-SPAN 2? I've been trying to find out with no results so far.

' Libby C., Ashland

As far as we know it's not lost, Libby. Booknotes is listed at 1:55 p.m. Sunday in the program listings on C-SPAN's Web site at . Apparently there's a local cable delay, since it shows up in TV Guide's listings at 8 p.m. Sunday. Its VCR Plus number (in case you want to tape it) is 94598.

If you're talking about the Mail Tribune's Tempo TV listings, C-SPAN is indeed among the grid lines that have been dropped. The ongoing problem there is space, leading to occasional re-shufflings. The page and grids are no bigger than ever, while the number of stations continues to proliferate.

We've even tried shrinking the grid in an effort to fit in more listings. There's an obvious limit on that strategy, however. Shrink it past a certain point, and people begin to complain that it's hard to read.

The reason that C-SPAN was among leading candidates to be dropped is that its programming doesn't change as much as many other stations.

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