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Cisneros gets barrage of tickets from cops

Police officers say eight recent traffic citations are all fair and justifiable

A Medford man set to go to trial on harassment charges says that he, himself, is a victim of harassment.

Charged with physical harassment and second-degree criminal mischief for tossing a box of Chinese food into an unmarked police vehicle in April, Jorge Armando Cisneros has received eight traffic citations since June.

Lt. Jim Anderson, the commander of the Jackson County Narcotics Enforcement Team, was absolved of all wrongdoing for firing his police handgun at Cisneros after the 24-year-old approached his red Dodge Durango with the takeout box.

Cisneros' lawyer, Michael Kellington, said the barrage of tickets seem to be a pattern of intimidation against his client.

I think it's awfully unusual that the Medford Police Department has chosen to target my client right on the tail of the shooting, Kellington said.

But police say the tickets are justified because Cisneros is a hazard behind the wheel.

He drives in a way that I think he's begging to be stopped, said Medford police Chief Eric Mellgren.

But some of the tickets border on the absurd, according to Kellington.

A week after Anderson was cleared of criminal charges and Cisneros was indicted on two misdemeanors, Cisneros was cited for failure to change his vehicle registration and for visible emissions, which both carry a &

36;77 fine. In May, he received tickets for careless driving and trespassing.

In June, Cisneros received citations for speed racing, unreasonable sound amplification and improper position on the highway.

Officers never clocked Cisneros' vehicle on radar, Kellington said, they just heard his tires squeal and a loud engine noise. There is no speed noted on the citation, which carries a total &

36;372 fine.

Cisneros said he was handed the citation for improper position when he tried to cross Central Avenue during the Medford Cruise. Drivers who saw him waiting on the sidewalk had stopped so he could cross, but a cop on a motorcycle flagged him down and ticketed him, he said.

Cisneros' most recent ticket for failing to carry or present a driver's license drew attention even from Mellgren.

The chief said he was driving in west Medford when he saw Cisneros' white Lincoln speed past an officer stopped with another vehicle. Cisneros pulled into his driveway as another officer approached him.

Cisneros protested the ticket because he had reached his driveway and pulled the keys from the ignition. He had been driving a minute earlier, he added. Although Cisneros beat the police home, he is still responsible for his actions while driving, Mellgren pointed out.

He doesn't ever have to be stopped by police if he drives carefully, Mellgren said.

Cisneros plans to contest all the tickets in court next month, Kellington said. He will stand trial for the harassment and criminal mischief charges in November.

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