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Hillcrest intersection will be there, but different

Since you asked

With the realignment of North Phoenix Road and Foothills and Hillcrest, will the current intersection of North Phoenix and Hillcrest still exist, or will it be eliminated? And if so, what is the city going to do with all the extra land that sits on the other side of Hillcrest Orchards where the re-alignment is taking place and where the current intersection of Hillcrest and North Phoenix exists?

' D.P., Medford

Yes, the North Phoenix and Hillcrest intersection will still exist, but not as you know it today. The south end will be a right-in, right-out only intersection, said Cory Crebbin, Medford public works director.

So, if you are driving down Roxy Ann Peak from the Eagle Trace area and you want to head out North Phoenix Road, you must travel to the new light at Foothill Road. You will not be able to turn left onto North Phoenix Road at its intersection with Hillcrest.

However, if you're an Eagle Trace resident who has been shopping at Albertsons and you're heading home, you can continue along the old part of North Phoenix Road and turn right onto Hillcrest.

Regarding the extra land you asked about, that belongs to a private developer who has talked about putting in a commercial building.

The city only purchased enough property to complete the realignment, although that small amount cost Medford more than &

36;1 million. The &

36;1.61 million realignment project is currently under construction.

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