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County owns unattended plot of land Who owns the property between the gas station on the northeast intersection of North Ross Lane and Jacksonville Highway? This property appears to be a result of the realignment of Lozier Lane with North Ross Lane. So far it seems to be either a mud hole or weed patch. When is it going to be landscaped?

' Barbara J., Central Point

To be perfectly honest, Barbara, we don't know when that weed-choked, muddy hole will get a facelift.

Until Jackson County decides the fate of that small hunk of land, don't go looking for any improvements.

You're right on the money, however, regarding the property's existence ' it is the result the recent roadway realignment. It was owned by the Oregon Department of Transportation until ODOT handed it over to Jackson County a few months ago, after roadway construction wrapped up.

According to county engineer Dale Petrasek, the county is investigating all its options, which range from developing the land to selling the land as surplus.

We haven't had time at this point to look into it, he said. It hasn't been addressed.

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