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School zone needs speed sign

Since you asked

The new Garfield extension to Highway 99 is great, and the posted 35 mph limit is reasonable ' until westbound traffic passes the back side of Jefferson Elementary School. There is no lower speed limit sign until two blocks after the school playing fields, when a 20 mph school zone begins. When will the city extend the school zone and install signs warning motorists to slow down as they enter the residential neighborhood.

' Jolee N., Medford

Have patience, Jolee.

You're right that more appropriate signage is required in the neighborhood. City officials are looking at the most appropriate spot for them. Ralph Browning, city traffic engineering technician, said the city might move the current 20 mph sign from an area that covers 100 feet to the east and west of Whitman Avenue. The new signs could cover a similar area at Kenyon Street where it crosses Garfield. Kenyon is closer to the school.

Browning also said that the city could leave signs at both streets, but he doubted it since Kenyon is actually closer to the school. A decision will be made before school starts.

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