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Talent man jailed in Jacksonville home invasion

A Talent man was in jail Saturday after he allegedly terrorized a Jacksonville couple in their home late Thursday night.

Shawn Andrew Corbin, 24, of the 1000 block of South Pacific Highway, was arrested early Friday on charges of first-degree robbery, first-degree kidnapping, first-degree burglary, unauthorized use of a vehicle, second-degree theft, second-degree criminal mischief, menacing and resisting arrest. His bail was set at &

36;1 million.

Jackson County sheriff's deputies recommended that Corbin receive a mental health evaluation when he was lodged in jail.

Corbin allegedly broke into the couple's home on Old Stage Road around 11 p.m. Thursday, threatened them with a knife and demanded the keys to their GMC pickup truck. But once he was given the keys, Corbin wouldn't leave. Instead, he filched a piece of apple pie from the couple's refrigerator, sat down on their living room couch and watched a video, deputies said.

It's a bizarre thing, said sheriff's Sgt. Terry Larson.

The home's female resident woke up Thursday night to rapping on the living room window. Corbin reportedly yelled that he wanted the keys to the pickup. When the woman told Corbin to leave, he threw a potted plant through a window next to the front door and let himself into the house, Larson said.

The female resident called police.

Brandishing a knife that he found in the home's kitchen, Corbin demanded the pickup's keys, Larson said. Corbin told the couple that they were going with him in the truck, but after he started up the vehicle, he came back inside and helped himself to pie and a movie.

It took three sheriff's deputies to wrestle Corbin to the ground after they shocked him with a tazer and sprayed him with mace, Larson said. Corbin was taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation before he went to jail, Larson added.

Corbin also allegedly stole money and checks from the couple's roadside fruit stand, chucked food out of a freezer inside the small outbuilding and ripped open a 50-pound bag of rabbit food before he approached the home.

Neither of the home's residents were injured.

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