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Man gets pen for shooting woman

A Medford man who repeatedly shot his former girlfriend in a fit of jealousy will spend 7&

189; years in prison for the crime.

Glenn Jeffry McIlveen, 32, of the 4600 block of Table Rock Road, pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted murder Tuesday. Jackson County Circuit Court Judge Ray White dismissed a charge of first-degree assault. Attempted murder is a Measure 11 crime, requiring a mandatory minimum sentence.

Still undergoing rehabilitation after McIlveen shot her four times last year, 24-year-old Lynda Lee, of Medford, was joined by more than 30 family members and friends as her attacker was sentenced, said Deputy District Attorney Tim Barnack.

It's difficult to find any good in someone being shot four times, Barnack said. However, I hope the victim and her family can find comfort in the resolution.

Lee was wounded in the arm, leg, stomach and head when McIlveen shot her with a .38 caliber revolver on Sept. 23, 2001, at her family's glass business on Table Rock Road. Lee was headed to the airport to pick up a friend, when she stopped at the business and was alone when McIlveen showed up.

McIlveen told Lee that she had ruined his life and then started shooting, Lee told reporters in an interview last year. Lee tried to deflect the bullets aimed at her face by putting her arms up. After she was shot, she fell to the ground and played dead with her mouth and eyes open, hoping he'd leave, she said. A neighbor who heard the screams and shots called police.

Lee was shot twice in one leg and once in the stomach Barnack said. One bullet went through Lee's arm and lodged behind her ear, he said.

Miraculously, she lived, he said.

Lee had 16 hours of surgery at Rogue Valley Medical Center the following day. McIlveen also was ordered to pay restitution for her medical bills.

In court McIlveen said that he knew what he did was wrong, Barnack said. He was overcome with jealousy because he thought Lee was having sex with other men, which she was not, Barnack added. Lee told reporters last year that she had broken up with McIlveen several months before the shooting.

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