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On-ramp plantings look crisp

Since You Asked

When will the current north Medford Interstate 5 on-ramp be landscaped? It is an embarrassing eyesore! It gives visitors the wrong impression of Medford.

' Alice G., Medford

Well, Alice, according to John Vial, district manager for Oregon Department of Transportation, they tried some drought-resistant plantings, which look like a nice meadow in the springtime but turned out to be pretty brown and dry this time of year.

The good news is, Vial said the north interchange project is scheduled to begin in 2004. It includes plans for grass and rows of small trees, which will create an orchard-like look, on all sections of the project. The bad news is that landscaping will come at the end of the project ' around 2006.

Good things come to those who wait, right?

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