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Sports stats aren't perfect

Since you asked

I have noticed some significant differences in the prep football statistics as reported by the Mail Tribune and the Ashland Daily Tidings. Isn't there an official scorer for these games, and if so, why are the numbers so far off from each other?

' Robert J., Ashland

Actually, Robert, there isn't an official scorer for most high school football games.

Our policy in the MT sports department is to get the game's statistics from the home team. Some teams' stat keepers are much better than others, and some discrepancies are simply a matter of differing views on the spot of the ball.

For instance, if the ball is marked between the 34- and 35-yard lines, you may get one scorer penciling in a yard more than the other.

In the case of Ashland's victory at Klamath Union on Sept. 28, we got our statistics from the Klamath Falls newspaper. A Herald and News reporter who covered the game misinformed us as to who was the recipient of the game-winning touchdown. Apparently, the reporter was off on the distance of the play as well.

Yes, human error sometimes clouds the sports world, too.

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