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Landowners responsible for driving distractions Allow us to break tradition here, as we take the liberty to combine a couple of recent questions.

Both involve the potential hazard to drivers when they are forced to pull dangerously far into an intersection to see around someone's overgrown bushes or other vegetation.

' SYA World Headquarters

Different-sized streets have different requirements as far as how far back residents must trim their vegetation.

According to Cory Crebbin at Medford Public Works, concerned citizens are asked to call in and leave their name, number and location of the overgrown landscaping that blocks driver visibility.

Public Works crews then go out and look at the site in question, and if they find that the growth violates the ordinance requirements, they notify the landowner. The landowner is usually given several weeks to take care of the problem before the department comes out and does it themselves.

Contact your public works department to report visibility-blocking vegetation. In Medford, the number is 774-2100.

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