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Since You Asked

I-5 project begins as traffic load subsides Why did the state pick the icy winter holiday season as the time to start that I-5 viaduct project? Seems like the worst time of the year to do it.

' Ed F., Medford

That's a good question, Ed. According to John Vial at the Oregon Department of Transportation (the makers of those fabulous orange barrels), they carefully selected their start date for the time when the traffic volumes are the lowest, which is just after the holidays.

Also, he said, in the winter-time, folks tend to stay indoors with the windows closed, so they will be less affected by the construction noise. Crews will be working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and they hope to be finished before the June 22 deadline.

Then, coming this summer to a freeway near you: the north Medford interchange project.

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