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CASA is not Children's Advocacy Center

Since you asked

I'm confused. I read in your paper that the CASA group was splitting away from Jackson County to become an independent nonprofit agency. Isn't that the Medford center that helps abused children? What's behind the change?

' John D., Medford

It sounds like your confusion centers on two different groups that help local children, John.

The agency called CASA ' Court Appointed Special Advocates ' became an independent nonprofit group Dec. 1. Formerly funded by Jackson County, the agency provides some 300 abused children each year with support in court. It is now responsible for fund-raising and operation of its annual budget of &


The Children's Advocacy Center is an entirely different agency, and it is still very much affiliated with Jackson County, according to Director Jane Hamilton. It's the Medford agency that provides comprehensive services to about 600 local victims of childhood sexual abuse each year.

Hamilton says she has fielded several questions from people concerned that the advocacy center has stopped cooperating with the county.

We're a private, nonprofit agency, but we work in partnership with the district attorney's office, the state and the county, Hamilton says, adding that the agency is part of a multi-disciplinary team that addresses sexual abuse.

We treasure that because it provides services that are unbroken, she says.

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