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Parking structure for RVMC in works

Rogue Valley Medical Center will break ground Feb. 10 on a four-level, &

36;5.5 million parking structure that will provide 625 stalls for employees and mark the beginning of a &

36;90 million expansion.

The structure was given preliminary approval Dec. 6 by Medford's Site Plan and Architecture Commission and is expected to receive the commission's final approval Dec. 20.

The structure will be 36.5 feet high, with the top floor uncovered, and will be built by DPR Construction of Portland. About 90 percent of the work will be done by local subcontractors, said Scott Kelly, RVMC vice president of planning, marketing and business development.

The city had no significant issues with the project and found anticipated disruptions to landscaping and traffic flow to be minimal, said Jon Elliott, commission chairman.

The project includes minor adjustments to medians on Barnett Street but will not significantly alter traffic flow on that main artery, said George Rubaloff, city associate planner.

The structure will lie west of the Smullin Center and, being made of tan-colored concrete and brick, will blend in with it, Kelly said.

It's in the middle of the campus and won't be visible to any surrounding streets or residences, he said.

Cost per stall will be &

36;9,000, he said, and because the hospital will expand into some of the existing parking lot, the structure will represent a net increase of 507 spaces. The total parking will increase from 1,955 spaces to 2,462.

Surrounding lot spaces will be re-striped and medians altered to gain more parking. The hospital will lease spaces from surrounding lots during the construction period of six months.