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Intersection green lights have driver seeing red

Since You Asked

As I recall, the Mail Tribune had a recent article about Medford getting hundreds of new energy-saving green LED lights for major intersections.

Well, not only are they noticeable, but they hurt my eyes to look at them. They seem to be brighter than the red lights ' what's the deal?

' Nancy K., Medford

Nancy, you're one observant gal! According to Cory Crebbin, public works director, yes, the green is brighter!

The luminance standard is higher for green because green is harder to see, he said.

Dedicated people in lab coats have to figure out signal light visibility with issues like glare and angles of the sun taken into account. In other words, the green has to be brighter.

Cory also said that while the incandescent bulb fixtures can be dimmed at the control box, the LED lights will be damaged if they try to dim them.

So, Nancy, when you see the green, don't stare, just go. That's all we can offer.

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