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Unfinished E. McAndrews extension may need fixing

A new road in east Medford isn't even open yet and it's already falling apart.

Public Works Director Cory Crebbin will ask the city for &

36;250,000 at Thursday's City Council meeting to repair a section of the new East McAndrews Road.

The extension is the last piece to be completed. It runs McAndrews from Foothill Road to Hillcrest Road.

A portion, starting at Foothill Road and extending 300 feet east, is starting to give way, and the public works department says the responsibility may be with the construction company that built the road.

A moving embankment may be an indication that the fill dirt ' soil brought in and piled up to raise the road level ' is giving way, according to Crebbin.

Right now it looks pretty minor. The curb is tilting over and the bike path is getting some cracks, he said.

It appears from our analysis that the contractor didn't use the materials specified, he said. It looks like the top 4 feet of the bank, there's too much clay.

But the contractor, Huffman-Wright, says the job was performed properly.

We've reviewed the project site itself, said Mike Moore, general manager of Huffman-Wright of Roseburg. The material is good material and compacted good.

Moore said that with the amount of time that's passed, his company is in the clear.

Our contract on that job was finalized in February 2001, he said.

If the council approves Crebbin's request, repair work would begin in January and be done in time for the March 20 completion date, when the road is scheduled to open.

Crebbin said he'd also like to waive the competitive bid process and have the work done by the company that is working now on the other end of the extension.

We may go ahead and repair it and let the courts settle it, said Crebbin.

Crebbin said this situation is not atypical for a road project.

Hopefully we're going to be able to handle it so that it's not a big deal.

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