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Shelter resident needs a pair of slippers

Years of drug and alcohol abuse have taken their toll on a Medford woman who's in her mid-50s and living at the women's shelter run by the Medford Gospel Mission.

She's working hard to get her life together, coping not only with addiction, but with health problems that include diabetes, shelter manager Janet Farrington said.

Finding some comfort in the struggle would be a blessing, especially now, during the holidays. If this woman could have a wish, it would be for a pair of warm slippers, size large.

She has a problem with her feet because of the diabetes, Farrington said. She can't wear regular shoes. Slippers are all she wears.

The woman is one of 25 to 30 women who reside at the shelter at any one time. All of them could use some physical comfort, Farrington said.

They come in from walking and their shoes are all wet, she said. It would be nice to put something warm on their feet.

Donations of slippers and warm nightclothes would be infinitely appreciated, Farrington said. To best fit the widest range of women, nightgowns and slippers should be at least size medium and large.

If they could cozy down into a nightgown and slippers, that would be wonderful, she adds.

Donations can be delivered to 534 N. Bartlett St., Medford, between 8 a.m. and 8:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Call Farrington at 772-2931 for more information.

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