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Library leaks get speedy treatment in Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE ' Roof leaks at the newly opened library had some residents concerned. But not to worry, says Adroit Construction superintendent Terry Mackey, it's already been handled.

Mackey said he got the call from library officials that there was a leak at the new 5,646-square-foot train-depot style library. When he arrived on scene, Mackey realized the new roof did have some minor leaks that had funneled water down to a few of the acoustical ceiling tiles.

An indoor ceiling leak is often not anywhere near the actual site of roof leakage. Mackey says he chose to leave the tile in the ceiling to act as a sponge, while he chased the actual leak on the roof.

Unfortunately, those ceiling tiles turn brown immediately when water hits it so it looked a lot worse than it actually was, says Mackey. I went to the town hardware store and people were asking me what was happening at the library.

Mackey says he sealed the roof leak, replaced the damaged acoustical tile and two more adjacent tiles.

It was a minor leak. It's fixed and there was no damage done to the library, says Mackey.

The library is open for business. The official grand opening celebration is slated for Jan. 25.