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Red-car researcher counts cars

Since You Asked

Lately I've noticed a woman sitting in a little red car at certain intersections on the east side of Medford. She seems to be observing the drivers, and taking notes of some kind. Does anyone know what she is doing?

' Jenn R., Medford

Great question, Jenn, and we've learned something new in researching this one! Turns out, every summer the Medford Public Works Department hires three or four temporary employees to count traffic. They write down the number of cars that turn right, left or go straight at intersections.

We put it all into our traffic flow map, said Public Works director Cory Crebbin. It's hugely useful information.

The info may result in decisions such as installing signal lights or stop signs.

Crebbin said one of their employees this year was the woman in the red car.

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