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Mobility Unlimited needs help helping disabled folk

A Medford nonprofit agency that helps disabled people get resources when all else has failed could use some assistance itself.

Mobility Unlimited provides essential equipment and services to people who have exhausted all other means of financial help.

Founder Bruce Hough of Jacksonville ' who has multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair ' decided to start the group after grappling with frustrations of his own.

This holiday season, the agency is looking for help for two specific clients.

One is a 47-year-old Grants Pass man who needs a special shower/commode with an adaptive chair in order to bathe himself.

Excluded from insurance, the equipment is expensive ' &

36;1,200 ' but with it, the man could take charge of daily grooming chores most able-bodied folks take for granted.

The agency is also looking for someone willing to help pay for or build a wheelchair ramp on a woman's house in Grants Pass.

The elderly woman lives alone and suffers from emphysema. The ramp is not covered by any private or public insurance. It's not necessary for her health, but it would ease her daily life immeasurably, says Susan Boldt, executive director of Mobility Unlimited.

Her landlord has approved construction of the ramp as long as it's built to code and can be removed when the woman moves.

To help, contact Boldt at 618-9468.

Light One Candle is an annual Mail Tribune feature that focuses on the need of a single person, organization or agency during the holidays. For more information, call reporter JoNel Aleccia at 776-4465 or e-mail her at