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Medford man charged with molesting 11-year-old

A Medford man accused of sexually abusing a teenager who attended parties at his home is now charged with molesting a young girl two years ago.

Guy Dure Trammell, 43, of the 3100 Dark Hollow Road, was arraigned in Jackson County Circuit Court Monday on charges that he sexually abused and tried to rape an 11-year-old girl who he knew. He remained in jail on &

36;400,000 bail.

Trammell was first arrested in November on allegations that he gave alcohol to teenage girls at parties in his home and then had sex with the girls. Trammell's teenage son had invited numerous teens to parties at his father's home between November and 2001 and April 2002, investigators said.

A Phoenix girl told investigators that Trammell sexually abused her while she was intoxicated. She was 16 years old at the time. In that case, Trammell pleaded not guilty in Circuit Court last month to charges of first-degree unlawful sexual penetration, second-degree sex abuse and furnishing liquor to minors.

Investigators said they believed other girls who attended the parties also were abused. However, none have come forward yet. Several possible victims refused to talk to police, said Det. Ron Walch of the Jackson County Sheriff's Department.

He's been doing stuff for a long time, Walch said. Unfortunately, it just all hadn't come to light.

The 11-year-old, who lives out of the area, told her mother this month that Trammell abused her about two years ago, Walch said.

The person involved finally felt safe enough ... to come forward, Walch said.

Authorities learned in the spring that Trammell was serving alcohol to teenagers, including Phoenix High School athletes. However, they initially did not know about the sexual contact, Walch said.

On the cusp of the spring athletic postseason, Phoenix High School administrators suspended 15 athletes reported to have attended Trammell's parties. Junior varsity and varsity athletes on track, baseball and golf teams were suspended from playing sports for two weeks for attending a party and four weeks for drinking alcohol there.

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