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Call Medford Public Works for pothole problems

Since you asked

I keep driving over the same pothole on my way to work every morning, and I'm wondering if it's on someone's list for repairs. It's as you turn left onto Riverside from Eighth Street.

' Karen F., Medford

Karen, there is no Pothole Patrol, but your handy dandy Medford Public Works Department has a quick response team set up for just such a problem. They usually respond within 24 hours. The only catch is, they have to know about the pothole.

For a pothole in Medford's city limits, call 774-2600, and leave the location of the pothole and your contact number (in case crews have trouble locating it). Call Jackson County Road Services at 774-8184 if it's on a Jackson County road. For potholes in other cities, call the appropriate public works department.

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