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Legislature has ability to create a sales tax

Since you asked

Is it true that the Oregon Legislature has the power to enact a sales tax without going to the voters? If this is true I am wondering why they just don't do it and get it over with?

' Ellen N., Medford

You're right, Ellen. The Legislature could approve a sales tax if supporters got a three-fifths majority in both houses and the governor's signature.

Would they do it? Doubtful. In a state that has consistently voted down sales tax proposals, it would be considered political suicide. If you've paid attention, you've noticed the Legislature keeps referring any tax increases to the voters ' such as Measure 28 ' and the voters, in turn, reject them.

Even legislators who support additional taxes acknowledge that attempting to impose a tax without going to the voters would likely be a futile effort, because anti-tax forces would simply collect enough initiative petition signatures to refer it to a statewide vote.

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