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Since you asked

Web gives amaryllis advice Unfair! Every day my daughter-in-law calls up to brag about how much her amaryllis has grown. Mine is about — inches high and just sitting there. What gives? Is it the size of my pot? Lighting?

Also, another friend has kept the same bulb growing for several years. How?


' Nora H., Medford

Gardeners around the world love these showy plants, native to South Africa, for their showy, trumpet-shaped blooms.

We've got some fine gardeners in the newsroom, Nora, but no resident amaryllis expert. So we set our Web browser to grow amaryllis indoors and found lots of good tips.

The Gardeners Network Web site () gives this advice for growing amaryllis:

Plant bulbs with the upper third above ground in good, rich potting soil. Put just one bulb into a 6-inch or larger pot.

Use containers slightly bigger than the circumference of the bulb. They do not need a lot of soil and growing space indoors. The pot should be heavy, as the plant can grow up to two feet, which makes it tippy. It should also have holes in the bottom for good drainage.

Amaryllis will benefit by as much sunlight as you can provide it.

The flower stalk and flower will grow first, followed by leaves. After the flower has bloomed, add a light application of liquid fertilizer if you plan on using the bulb again.

Do not cut the plant back until the leaves have yellowed and died. The bulb will last for years if the plant is allowed to grow and store energy in the bulb for next season.

Does this help? Maybe you should just ask your daughter-in-law her secrets.

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