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Capitol mall troopers not affected by 28's failure

Since you asked

Interesting stories you've written on the effects of Measure 28's failure on Oregon State Police. How will this affect the staff of the governor, his OSP bodyguards and so on? How many people are assigned to the Legislature, governor and other agencies?

' Phil G., Grants Pass

Oregon State Police troopers assigned to the Capitol and other buildings on the Capitol mall are still working because their positions are funded strictly through contracts with state government, not OSP's general fund money, said OSP Lt. Glenn Chastain.

Five troopers provide security inside the Capitol and nine others, a sergeant and a lieutenant, patrol the mall area. The Legislature's operating funds and the state's department of administrative services pays for the troopers, Chastain said.

It's still tax dollars, he said. It just doesn't affect our general fund road patrol positions.

Oregon State University also has a contract with OSP to provide eight troopers and a sergeant for security on its Corvallis campus.

Information on the number of troopers assigned to the governor is not released to the public for security reasons, Chastain said.

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