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That 'de' in 'decaf' tells the truth: no caffeine

Since You Asked

Compared to real coffee, how much caffeine is in good quality, grind-it-yourself decaf?

I ask because I drink only decaf and I think I can feel the effects of caffeine in it. Could it be real or my imagination?

' Gary N., Medford

We presented your query to some local Java gurus, who claimed that their decaffeinated products won't give you any jitters.

There's very, very little, if any, said Carla Morgan, a supervisor at Mellelo Coffee Roaster in Medford. Sometimes you might find (other roasters) will add a caffeinated bean to their blend, but we don't.

Morgan estimates that 98 percent of Mellelo's decaffeinated coffee beans do not contain any caffeine prior to roasting.

She added that the remaining 2 percent is usually burned out entirely during the roasting process.

Jason Kotsios of Good Bean Coffee in Jacksonville agreed.

It's a pretty minute amount, Kotsios added. The more you roast the coffee, the darker the roast, the less caffeine is in the coffee.

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