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Medford students win top prizes in music competition

Students from South and North Medford high schools captured eight of 13 first-place finishes in a district solo music competition Saturday.

Five students from South Medford placed first in their instrument categories, while three North Medford students finished first.

The students that are competing are the best of the best, said Allen Barber, band director at South Medford High School. We have a lot of talented young musicians here in the valley, and it is exciting to see so much recognition for the music students from South, as well as the music students from North.

More than 200 students competed in the district competition held at Southern Oregon University, with winners in each category qualifying for state competition in May.

Following are the top finishers from Jackson County:

Flute: first place Piero Murphy, Ashland; second place, Mai Kawaguchi, North Medford.

Oboe: first place, Eric Van Buskirk, South Medford.

Alto saxophone: first place, (tie) Jeremy Durst, South Medford, and Jeremy Jayubo, North Medford.

Low saxophone: first place, Jeremy Jayubo, North Medford.

Trumpet: second place, Corey Hansen, South Medford; third place, J.P. Hutchins, South Medford.

French horn: first place, J.P. Hutchins, South Medford.

Trombone: first place, Rachel Katzmar, North Medford.

Rudimental snare: first place, Nathan Comer, South Medford.

Orchestral snare: first place, Steve Wilke, South Medford.