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Plenty of choices on May ballot

Since you asked

I've read all about the races for local school boards and the Rogue Valley Transportation District. But what else are we going to see on the May 20 ballot?

' Mary M., Medford

Depending on where you live, a lot, Mary.

According to Jackson County Clerk Kathy Beckett, May elections are usually jam-packed with open seats for dozens of local districts. The county's predicting a 35 percent turnout this year.

Even though it's a real ho-hummer in terms of voter turnout, it's the most complex election for us, Beckett added.

In May, voters will choose between several open seats on various board positions.

Fire protection districts with openings on the ballot include: Applegate Rural Fire District No. 9, three positions; Evans Valley Fire District No. 6, three positions; Jackson County Fire District No. 3, four positions; Jackson County Fire District No. 4, three positions; Jackson County Fire District No. 5, two positions; Lake Creek Fire District, two positions; Medford Fire District, three positions; Prospect Fire District, three positions; and Rogue River Fire District, two positions.

Other open board seats include Bear Creek Valley Sanitary Authority, three; Charlotte Anne Water District, five; Elk City Water District, three; Jacksonville Highway Water District, three; Kings Highway Water District, four; and Shady Cove Water District, two.

For a complete list or more information, visit on the Web and click on elections.

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