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Glick tragedy numbs friends

Friends of Dawn Glick say they can't comprehend how her husband could condemn their children to the nightmare that Dawn lived.

Found strangled to death in her east Medford home Monday afternoon, 28-year-old Dawn Glick was, herself, the child of murdered parents.

How could he do that to their children, knowing now they're going to live the life she had? asked friend Cindra Dyer of Eagle Point.

Dawn Glick's parents were shot to death in their home when she and her sister were in grade school, friends said. No one was prosecuted for the crime.

Ron Glick, 35, now sits in the Jackson County Jail charged with her murder. Investigators allege that, with his hands, he choked his wife to death.

That's a very intimate type of killing, said Medford police Lt. Mike Moran. It's one that comes into play often between people who are involved in a relationship.

Medical examiner Dr. James Olson would not elaborate on the results of Dawn Glick's autopsy, saying any further information would be inappropriate before a Jackson County grand jury convenes to hear the case today.

Police say that on Monday morning Ron Glick went to his wife's Spring Street home and killed her while the couple's 3-year-old son was there. He then took the child in his wife's white Toyota Land Cruiser, driving to his parents' home outside Ashland. The family was concerned for Dawn Glick's safety and called police, who found her dead in her bedroom.

Friends say Dawn Glick's death doesn't surprise them.

Yes, we were afraid it would happen. We prayed that it wouldn't. But we were afraid that it would, said Echo Hutto of Gold Hill.

Those closest to Dawn Glick describe Ron Glick as a master manipulator who had controlled her life since her early teens. Adopted by relatives of her husband, Dawn Glick met her future spouse in California when she was 12 years old, friends say. The couple moved to the Rogue Valley about 10 years ago and were married.

She had everybody bullied into thinking they were fun-loving, Dyer said. There were only a handful of people who really knew what was going on.

She's been a prisoner her whole life.

After more than 10 years of marriage, Dawn Glick found the courage to file for divorce late last year, friends said. Seeking a restraining order against her husband, which was granted Jan. 3, Dawn Glick claimed he had held a gun to her head, threatened to kill her, thrown her to the ground, kicked her and pulled her hair over the course of their marriage.

She always lived in fear, says Teresa Farmen of Medford. There were a lot of people who were afraid to help her.

Two weeks ago, a judge modified the restraining order to allow Ron Glick to contact his wife to discuss their children, an 8-year-old girl and a 3-year-old boy. Dawn Glick had custody of the couple's children; according to court records, the couple was not scheduled to appear at a custody hearing the day of the murder, as earlier reported in the .

Ron Glick, owner of Pro Mortgage, was ordered in January to pay his estranged wife more than &

36;6,400 in monthly child and spousal support.

Prior to their divorce, the couple's outward appearance was all Ron, Hutto said. Although she lived in an expansive east Medford home and drove flashy cars, Dawn Glick was, at heart, a simple person, she said.

Formerly a stay-at-home mom, Dawn Glick had been working at Wells Fargo bank. Yet her life continued to revolve around her children, friends said. She loved to take them to the park and horseback riding, Farmen said. A cool mom, Dawn Glick also treated her daughter to Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys and 'NSYNC concerts, she added.

In the past six months, Dawn Glick had blossomed, meeting new friends and planning a new life, which included taking part-time college courses in art from which her husband had discouraged her in the past, her friends said.

She loves being able to say 'I'm Dawn. This is me,' Farmen said.

Dawn Glick's memorial service will be at 2 p.m. Sunday at Ashland Christian Fellowship on Hersey Street. Contributions may be made to the children of Dawn Glick at any branch of Wells Fargo bank.

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