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Since You Asked

Teen queen shared stage with many When Tami Farrell of Phoenix won the Miss Teen USA competition, who crowned her? Who were the runners-up?

'Gwen J., via e-mail

We didn't see the broadcast, Gwen, because we were busy putting together the story that appeared in the next morning's Mail Tribune. We e-mailed the Miss Universe Organization (which runs the Miss Teen USA pageant) and they informed us that Tami was crowned by Vanessa Marie Semrow, who was Miss Teen USA 2002.

As for the runners-up, here they are:

— First runner-up is Alicia Selby of Tennessee. She will assume the duties of Miss Teen USA 2003 if Tami Farrell is somehow unable to fulfill her responsibilities.

Second runner-up is Alicia Jaros of Michigan; third runner-up is Jacqueline Bruno of Massachusetts; and fourth runner-up is Jacklyn Pezzotta of New Jersey.

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