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Albertsons gave up on Eagle Point About two or three yeas ago there was news about an Albertsons that was going to be built in Eagle Point on Highway 62. Whatever became of that idea? Is it still going to happen or what?

' Tom C., Eagle Point

Time does fly. It was in early 1999 that Albertsons announced intentions to build and submitted plans for a 55,000-square-foot store in Eagle Point.

However, the project was quickly derailed by a vocal opposition group that didn't want a supermarket in their backyard.

— Maurice Torano, of Galpin and Associates, the developer for the project, says Albertsons chose to pursue other opportunities rather than put up a fight.

If it was a primary market, let's say downtown Portland, Albertsons would've been willing to put up with that, Torano says. But if you're staking out an outpost for the future, it isn't worth it to spend a whole lot of money for attorneys and land-use planners. If it happens quickly, you do it. If it doesn't you concentrate on other areas.

He notes there was early opposition to the Albertsons at Larson Creek in east Medford.

They were dead-set against it, Torano says. Now the people in that area say they like being able to walk to the grocery store.

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