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Success is in the cards

Jussara Padilha loves art and color and loves sharing it with people. Padilha creates one-of-a-kind cards printed with designs and color that show many different worldly influences.

Padilha has traveled the world, living in New York, India, Indonesia and Brazil before settling in Ashland. An Eastern-inspired love of vivid colors and textures defines her work and her home. Bright contrasting colors are trademarks of Padilha's prints. "I think that colors are very healing," said Padilha. "People are turning more and more to color. Something simple like paining your house in different colors can brighten your spirits and bring healing."

Her own home is a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors. Padilha painted her kitchen a bright sky blue and her living room is coated in orange. "It sounds weird, but then people see it and they love it," said Padilha.

Padilha's passion for art viewed as cards began when she was a student at a New York art school. She was in the process of creating a portfolio and had her work photographed and printed on to cards for presentation. "Having art on cards was totally unique at the time," said Padilha. "Now cards have become a passion for me. After so many years I am back to the cards again. They have been a part of my life for a very long time."

printing her artwork on cards, Padilha allows the community easy access to art. For those who can't afford to buy paintings, a card is a way to have beautiful quality art in their lives. "I have been very inspired by other people's art," said Padilha. "When I couldn't buy paintings I would get beautiful posters or series of cards to create visuals in my home. There are a lot of people that value art like that."

Padilha does many other forms of art as well as cards. She has experience in design, photography, and computer generated art. She recently completed a series of collage portraits of children. Self-described as whimsical portraits, Padilha photographs children in different settings and backgrounds and then paints the picture to create a collage of the different images. "One little girl wants to be a wild butterfly," said Padilha. "So in the photograph she is wearing wings and she really does look like a butterfly. You can see her and all of her energy."

Padilha's cards can be found in town at Bloomsbury Books and the Hearts and Hands gift store. She also has prints at the Terra Firma in Medford. As well as having her art sold and displayed locally, Padilha has work in San Francisco and will soon be showing her work at a large show in Brazil. "I happen to know a great artist there who knows and likes my work," said Padilha. "It's one of those great coincidences in life. This opportunity couldn't have happened in New York or L.A."