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This week's question

Since WE Asked: We Are What We Eat

For the folks who answered this week, this was a hard one to swallow.

Who's responsible for the obesity that has become a major health risk for Americans?Our new question appears at the bottom of these answers.

The person responsible for the obesity in the country, is the person looking in the mirror! It is a choice. ' Joyce, Rogue River

Each of should be responsible for what we eat and how much of it we eat. In addition, one should also be responsible for getting medical check-ups to ascertain any physical problems; like a malfunctioning thyroid. In these times, our society prefers to blame others for their self-inflicted problems. ' Jim H., White City Glutinous people, who are too lazy to even park, get out of their cars, and walk (walk? gasp!) into the restaurant to order and (over-)eat their food.

If portions were made smaller, we would just order more portions. In the days of the 25 cent burger, it was usual to order 5/&

36;1.00 specials, and eat all 5 of the tiny things. ' Clyde & Susan Johnson, Hot Springs, S.D. Lazy individuals with absolutely no self-control and little to no dignity. ' Ken Hastings, Eagle Point I am an overweight person. I accept full responsibility for my size! I only wish I'd been more educated about nutrition earlier in life. Blaming others is just absurd! ' Anaya, Ashland As an overweight person, I am responsible for my condition. No one held me down and forced me to eat too much. Society needs to quit blaming others for our problems, face them and fix them. ' J.L.D., Central Point I would prefer to blame someone else because I eat too much, or eat the wrong thing. I also hate to exercise; video games are much more fun. ' D.W., Eagle Point It's sad that this question even has to be asked. Barring a medical condition, obesity is the responsibility of the person eating, NOT fast-food restaurants or companies that market their junk foods. For someone to be able to sue (and win!) because they got fat is terribly disturbing. At what point are people in our society going to take responsibility for their own actions? We have become a society of victims. Truly a pity. ' Shannon, Eagle Point The blame rests solely on us, the American consumer. As a comparably affluent nation, we have ushered in the age of unhealthy food by casting our vote at the supermarket, and fast-food chains. It's now easier than ever to get these products, because companies and vendors are merely supplying our consistent desire for them. ' Christopher Lowe, Medford The obese, for overeating when nobody but them 'n God were lookin'! Except in a few special cases. Sigh, we're ALL special cases...! ' Patti Iverson, Medford Me, Myself & I!! I mean really. Think about it, who is twisting your arm. ' Selia, Ruch We are. As parents are now both working, they order fast food too often for the family. We all are looking for the quick way. And it tastes so good !!!! ' Dee Uerlings, Central Point Too many people too rushed and stressed out to enjoy being alive so they feel depressed & lonely, eat sugar, fast foods, and rarely exercise. ' Janet Brougher, Medford Each and every obese person is responsible for their own obesity. Time to quit trying to find someone or something else to blame! ' Patrick Frey, Medford Weight is a decision. How much food and the type of food a person chooses to eat ' and their level of physical activity ' will determine that person's weight. ' Judy Mellow, Central Point

Oh, we don't know. Maybe it was just something about the return of warm weather that had those of us here at Since We Asked headquarters thinking about some less than critical matters.

For some, it's budding trees or an urge to clean the house. For others, it's baseball players training for the season ahead. What's your sure sign that spring has sprung'Send your brief response through e-mail ' either through the link here on the Web site, or directly to