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Fujas unfairly targeted in letter

I was surprised to read Brent Thompson's description of — Elizabeth Fujas in his recent letter to you. I have known Elizabeth for — 20 years and she has always shown herself to be very concerned with the — interests of the farmer and thoughtful land use in our beautiful valley. — I think she will be an excellent member of our planning commission.

Linda Stevenson

Does "all" include Crabs? —

The Tidings reported (April 14) on an essay contest sponsored — by the Rotary Club of Ashland-Lithia Springs, who also sponsor the annual — Crabfest (or, as I like to call it, Cruelfest). They're promoting ethical — behavior, they assert. "The 4-Way Test" that is to be the subject of the — students' prose includes the questions, "Is it fair to all concerned?" — and "Will it be beneficial to all concerned?"

Consider whom we include in "all." Not long ago, "all" — in this country meant white men. In our society today, racism and sexism — are generally unacceptable.

I posit that speciesism is as wrong as racism and sexism, — and that it is wrong for the same reasons. Speciesism is defined by Peter — Singer as "a prejudice or attitude of bias toward the interests of members — of one's own species and against those of members of other species."

In order to have interests, one must have the capacity — to suffer. Crabs, having nervous systems, certainly have the capacity — to suffer, although those who like to eat them may persuade themselves — otherwise, if they think about it at all. Crabs who are to be cut up are — killed by having their backs broken, while those to be sold whole are — boiled alive. Is a cruel death ethical and justifiable because humans — like the taste of crab flesh? Is it fair or beneficial to the crabs? How — far does "all" extend? Shouldn't "all" include all who suffer? Or should — we exclude Rotarians?

Ron Elterman

A Mother's Day reminder

This Sunday, is Mother's Day, when we celebrate the cherished — bond between mother and child. Unfortunately, dairy cows, recognized widely — as the symbol of motherhood, are denied the opportunity to nurture their — own babies.

The dairy industry impregnates cows artificially each — year to boost milk production. The newborn calves are torn from their — mothers and chained by the neck for life in tiny wood crates, covered — with their excrement. They are denied natural food and water, bedding, — movement, fresh air, sunshine, and mother's milk and love. They suffer — from chronic anemia, diarrhea, and respiratory disorders.

The product of this misery is just as sickening. The calves — are kept alive with antibiotics that jeopardize the consumers? defenses — against deadly infectious diseases. They receive hazardous hormones to — boost their growth. Their flesh is laced with saturated fat and cholesterol, — which have been linked conclusively with chronic diseases that each year — kill 1.3 million Americans.

The 70 percent drop in U.S. veal consumption shows the — consumers? revulsion at these abuses, and many institutions have stopped — serving veal. The veal crate has been banned by the European Union. Yet — the U.S. diary and veal industries have resisted all efforts at similar — reforms here.

This Sunday and every day thereafter, we should honor — motherhood by dropping veal, milk, and dairy products from our diet.

Allen Thiel

Put food in your mailbox

Just a reminder that this Saturday is the 12th annual — letter carriers' food drive. This is your chance to get back at us for — continuing to deliver all those bills despite repeated warnings to the — contrary. Make us haul a heavy sack of food away from your mail box!

Seriously, this is the one day I don't mind going home — from work with a sore back. Even in a town like Ashland, the good people — at the food bank work hard to keep up with the demand. There are many — families that still struggle to put food on the table. So when you're — doing your shopping this week, if you can pick up a little extra for those — in need, it will be greatly appreciated.

They need everything from canned tuna, chili. stew, fruits — and vegetables to cereal, rice mixes, pasta, and peanut butter. It all — goes to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank right here in town. We'll even — bring you a bag to put it in. Thanks in advance for helping. But as for — those bills, I'm afraid they'll keep on coming.

David Maas