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AP's bias as much to do with what's not printed

Isaac Walker (April 12) quotes statistics showing fewer — Israelis than Palestinians killed during the Intifada that began in 2000. — However, it's important to note that the overwhelming majority of Israeli — losses have been deliberately targeting innocent civilians. Palestinian — losses, on the other hand, have been terrorists or civilians caught in — the line of fire of a confrontation between Israeli armed forces and the — terrorists.

Palestinian civilians become victims when the terrorists — attack in the hope that civilians in their midst will provide a protective — shield. Certainly one can't lament the demise of Palestinian suicide bombers, — manufacturers of terrorism or even the executed terrorist leadership of — Hamas who are all counted among the frequently cited 2,800 "innocent" — victims.

It's also worth putting into perspective the fewer than — 4,000 total deaths in this Intifada compared to other recent conflicts — that we, surprisingly, hear so little about: Rwanda/Congo: 800,000 deaths, — Russia/Chechnya: 80,000, Turkey/Kurds: 30,000, Kashmir/Jammu: 34,000, — Eritrea/Ethiopia: 70,000.

Given the military strength of the Israeli army, it's — obvious they've shown remarkable restraint in the face of unmitigated — terrorist attacks upon their citizenry.

I would also challenge Mr. Walker to produce a single — published photo of an Israeli victim of terrorism who he claims "are much — written about in the U.S. media." The AP regularly publishes graphic photos — of Palestinians suffering who he claims are "largely ignored by the media." — If you don't believe me, just watch the Tidings for a while and you'll — see for yourself.

Kenneth Wilson


Thompson on Fujas off base

Mr. Thompson, you are out of line making slanderous comments — about Elizabeth Fujas. You obviously do not know her and her views about — farmland depletion and urban growth/sprawl in this valley and the nation. — I would encourage you and anyone thinking like you that you contact her — to get the facts before sprouting your opinion. Better yet, drop by her — farm for a chat. Just don't forget the martinis.

Chris Henry

Questions about Billings course

So many questions, so few answers

As I watch the Billings Golf Course LLC Developer steamroll — through the county and city process toward a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) — for this golf course, I must ask the following:

1. Why are the commissioners and Greenway Committee giving — away 14 acres of pristine nature area, greenway land, to an out of state — developer for a golf course?

2. Is it appropriate for County administration to accept — a $15,000 "grant" from the developer to fund a fast track study intended — to reclassify the greenway land down from nature study area to allow the — development?

3. Is the transfer of 1.5 million gallons of city of Ashland — treated effluent water daily, in the city's best long term interests?

Are the water rights claimed by the developer, adequate, — continuous and assignable?

At a recent Ashland City Council study session, the developer — made his position and intent quite clear: "?If you don't give us the effluent — water, we will try not to suck Ashland Creek dry?"

A quick lesson Mr. Peru, that comment was inappropriate — and it is illegal to diminish established stream flow, based on a 1971 — Supreme Court decision brought against our own Talent Irrigation District — (TID).

Ra Wollenburg

Citizens For The Greenway

Same owners, new name

In response to questions from the community, I am writing — to assure people that the new Water Street Caf? on the corner of Water — and Main is under the same ownership as the former Ashland Outdoor Espresso — Bar and Grill. We are giving the corner a new, fresh look. We are open — seven days a week and look forward to seeing our friends!

Adrienne Hill

Nathan Ruff