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Since WE Asked: Iraq, the Photos and the U.S.

With the controversy over the treatment of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. soldiers at a prison near Baghdad still simmering, we wondered how this will affect the world view of the United States. Specifically, we asked:

How do you think the controversy regarding the treatment of Iraqi prisoners by American personnel will affect the reputation of the United States?

Your responses follow. Please take a moment to answer this week's question, which has its focus on events closer to home.

The reputation of the United States in the world theater is not good. Our troops belittled prisoners by taking photographs and placing them in suggestive poses while the enemy tortures our soldiers and contractors, dragging their bodies through the street and hanging their battered and torn corpses from bridges for all to see. Although the United States has committed the lesser of the two evils, this will only reinforce the world's view of the United States as the great Satan. ' Michael Nave, Shady Cove

A confused, frustrated America now knows our Army is reprimanded for serving our great country by torturing our cruel enemy, in comparison. ' Marga Draheim, Medford

Our reputation is already damaged. This will just make us look even more like ugly Americans. ' C. Elliott, Medford

Absolutely ... throughout the world. ' Jeanie Walker, Grants Pass

Abuse. Murder. Justice knows the difference; so too, reasonable men and woman. May American justice be clear; may America's demand for justice be equally clear. ' James Hanson, Grants Pass

Sadly, negatively. It is so sad because of what a handful of people did. Our prisoners have been treated 10 times worse. People forget that. ' Pat Lund, Medford

Our troops, and all Americans, are being made to pay the price as politicians puff themselves up with empty outrage. I am sick of the news coverage regarding a few Iraq prison inmates who have been embarrassed. Tomorrow it's forgotten IF our media would let it go. And yet, when another American is butchered, when our bodies are mutilated, burned and dragged through the streets, scant notice is given. Our enemies are encouraged because apparently America's priorities are screwed up. ' Richard Glimpse, Medford

This Week's Question

Memorial Day is almost here and you know what that means ... summer people. Be they tourists or relatives, they'll soon be crowding our streets and emptying our refrigerators. Wouldn't it be nice to just send them away for a day?

With that in mind, we thought we'd get some ideas where to send them.

So, we ask:

When you have visitors from out-of-state, what's the one thing in the Rogue Valley you tell them that they have to see?

Please keep your answers brief and on point. Answers submitted without your name and hometown cannot be considered for use in our Sunday print edition of the Mail Tribune.

You may respond through the form here on our Web site, or you can e-mail us directly at