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Irritated by type faces in Tidings

Will you please explain to your readers why your publication — uses two entirely different typefaces in its news columns? One of the — faces is very readable, while the other is a light, sans-serif face that — is difficult to read.

Your format is probably the only one in the newspaper — world that mixes its body faces. What are you trying to accomplish? The — format serves only to frustrate me, and give me a huge pain in the neck. — Please share your rationale with your readers.

Gordon B. Wilson

Eds Note: We use one type for regular body copy and a — second for brief copy, a relatively common practice among newspapers. — Our brief font is one point size larger than our body copy, which was — adjusted following our redesign.

DeBoer's decision within his rights

I am not a friend of Mayor Alan DeBoer. I like neither — his attitude nor his manner. I did not vote for him.

However, he is our fairly elected mayor, voted into that — office by a majority of those Ashlanders who cared to participate in the — election. As such he is entitled, no, required, to appoint individuals — to his staff. Yes, committees are part of the mayor's administrative staff, — paid or no, who will mirror his philosophy. That is how our system works. — If individuals do not like it, they should attempt to change the system. — They should not continue to whine and rant, like spoiled children that — have had their hand removed from the cookie jar, about the system working — as designed.

Many years ago, when I approached former Mayor Gordon — Medaris about my wish to serve, in some capacity, the city of Ashland, — I found myself quickly appointed to both CPAC and the Cable Access Committee. — I served on both to the end of my appointments with full diligence, doing — my best for our city. During that time, a new mayor, Kathy Golden, was — elected. Ms. Golden and I were not especially philosophically compatible. —

When my appointments expired I received a short "Thanks — for serving, see you around, maybe" type letter from the new mayor. I — didn't like it, but that's how it goes. It was her responsibility to implement — the administration of her (we loaned it to her) city with people that — she felt would act as fair representatives for her beliefs. I understood — this, so I sat down and shut up. It is now time for a choice few individuals — who appear to have no respect for the democratic process to do the same. — You know who you are.

Thomas Garson

TV ban a cause for concern

ABC Nightline courageously ran their nightline show on — April 30 as a tribute to the soldiers who have fallen in Iraq. The name — of each soldier was shown on the screen.

Can anyone explain to me why dozens of ABC affiliate stations — around the country were banned from running the show? These stations are — owned by Sinclair Broadcasting Group, which is a company owned by executives — who have donated tens of thousands to Republicans. The company released — a statement saying that to honor the men and women who died in Iraq would — be a political act that is "contrary to the public interest". Excuse me — but "huh?"

Sinclair is essentially saying that public recognition — of the fallen soldiers is a political act against the war in Iraq. That — trivializes the sacrifices these men and women made for us. Honoring the — dead is not a partisan act. I feel sickened when we go to war, but further — sickened when acknowledging the ultimate sacrifice that our young people — are paying is equated with anti-patriotism. That seems like partisan politics — to me.

What have we come to? Those who are responsible for this — war seem willing to do anything, to prevent us from taking stock of the — true costs we are paying. I hope others will join me in lobbying our media — to tell the whole truth all the time, not just when it is economically — and politically expedient.

I grieve the loss of young lives and the multiples of — soldiers permanently wounded whose lives will never be the same. To avoid — recognizing the extent of the pain and suffering we are causing, is inexcusable. —

Diane Taudvin

Thanks for food donations

On Sunday, April 4th at the "Ski and Ride Against Hunger" — Food Drive many families, unfamiliar with the beautiful snow-covered slopes — of Mt. Ashland, were given the opportunity to downhill ski or snowboard — thanks to the generosity of Mt. Ashland Ski Area Association.

The 4th annual "Ski and Ride Against Hunger" Food Drive, — a partnership between Ski Ashland and ACCESS Food Share (the Regional — Food Bank for Jackson County), offered free all-day lift tickets to Mt. — Ashland in exchange for a donation of five cans of food. More than 500 — people made the trek up the mountain for a beautiful, warm and sunny day — on the slopes to take advantage of this great gift to the community. Even — skiers and boarders with season passes joined in the drive by donating — food or cash, and our friends at Ski Ashland made an additional generous — gift back to ACCESS. In all, donations totaled more than 1,800 pounds — of food and $486. This means that ACCESS Food Share will be able to provide — over 4,700 meals

to many hungry families and individuals throughout our — community. Thank you Ski Ashland and all the people who participated in — this tremendously successful food drive.

Philip Yates

ACCESS Nutrition Program Manager