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Dogs' behavior may be an ancient trait

Since you asked

Why does my dog run around like a maniac after a bath? She hates them, but always seem so overjoyed that she had one.

' Jessica U., Talent

That racing and romping and rolling most dogs do after a bath likely comes from their natural instinct to pick up the smells of their environment, local dog experts said.

Whether your pooch is squirming around on the couch to pick up the scent of her domain or rolling in something much stinkier in the back pasture, she's following in the footsteps of ancient ancestors who needed to mask their scents for hunting, explained Carolyn Hunter, owner of Super Star K-9s and Kats, a pet grooming business in Talent.

Some of your pup's exuberance also might be in response to the stimulation of her skin from the bath and drying, pent up energy from being restrained during the bath, or an attempt to get dry faster, experts said.

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