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Consequences of our rising debt

The economic policies of the present U.S. government favor — those who can buy products and services without creating personal debt. — Inflation is an obvious consequence of this economy as the prices of products — and services increase to meet the profit demands by the "haves and have — mores."

Products like homes and housing continue to rise leaving — more consumers out of the market. The costs of services like healthcare — insurance continue to rise to keep up with the "profit demands" by those — who profiteer unconscionably off the ill health of others. Incomes of — the middle class consumer lag far behind diminishing their standard of — living. They feel squeezed by ever-increasing prices and more debt. The — market is only growing top heavy with the real possibility of it collapsing — like the twin towers. America is moving in the wrong direction of being — controlled by one party somewhat like the Republic of China.

Richard Altig


Democratic Watergate in the making?

What! Another Watergate in the making? Sandy Berger, National — Security Advisor in the Clinton administration, illegally removed highly — sensitive "above" top secret documents from the National Archives.

Sandy stuffed these secret documents in his trousers, — yet claims done so "inadvertently," really? What sane person can believe — this outrageous explanation? To compound matters he cannot locate some — of these documents, and he was Clinton's National Security advisor! More — Clintonian pie-in-sky excuses?

If Sandy had been a Republican can you picture the outrage — forthcoming from the Democrats! Since Sandy is a loyal Democrat their — response is, "It's no big deal!" It challenges our credulity that concealing — top secret documents pertaining to Al Queda is no big deal. One can surmise — this was an attempt to sanitize Clinton's miss-handling vis-?-vis pre — 9-11 terrorist activity.

Chuck Colson went to jail for much less, will Sandy "walk" — because he is a Democrat? We all know Democrats are held to a lower standard — than Republicans. Frightening to learn that Sandy was under consideration — for a position in a possible Kerry administration.

Curious isn't it, Wednesday's Ashland Tidings ran this — expose page one, Oregonian page nine, and MT did not run it. Oversight — perhaps?

Carl J. Sandberg