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Wood chips in town a concern

Recently, I've been wanting to attend our city council — meetings, but ... but ... but some cheeky Swinging Richards out there — have been rather dissuasive, albeit inadvertently - or could it be purposefully?

Beloved discerning Mayor DeBoer helped spare us from the — spectacle of a naked man rearing his head on the city council. Not that — there's anything wrong with a naked man sitting on the city council, no — no, of course not, it's perfectly NORMAL.

However, I've been wishing to discuss a different topic. — I'm very concerned about the use of wood-chipper product in landscaping — in our town. Many properties' landscaping now make use of wood chips, — often extensively. If you pick up a handful of the wood chips, you'll — painfully discover fine tiny quill-like cactus flower like slivers are — stuck in your skin that are nigh impossible to remove.

I think there's an important public health issue in what — happens when these tiny fine slivery particles become airborne by wind — and are aspirated. Moreover, tree specific fungi tend to proliferate from — certain wood chips, and a question is how these might affect the ecology, — especially when of non native species or used around trees of different — varieties. For example: the fungi that proliferate and help nurture a — redwood tree - might they be toxic to a plum tree?

I think our city should note any statistical rise in — lung disease among wood chip workers and citizens presenting with lung — disease should be asked on the medical intake form if they have woodchip — material in their landscaping or if they frequent areas that are landscaped — with woodchips. It's nice to decorate and everything, but we certainly — should learn what potential damage we are causing to ourselves and/or — our environment through the prevalent use of wood chips landscape materials.

Patti Morey

Vietnam facts important today —

On Aug. 19 the Ashland Daily Tidings ran a letter from — a Vietnam era veteran. Lets talk about the Vietnam War (1964-1975). Granted, — I was (fortunately) too young for Vietnam. I will however, always support — and respect our Vietnam and American military vets.

Yet, I can't respect the political elite bigshots in the — Lyndon B. Johnson administration, LBJ himself: Secretary of Defense Robert — S. McNamara, and the scoundrels in Congress during this time who sold — out American troops out via deceit, treachery, and betrayal in an undeclared — southeast Asian "no-win" war. Fifty-eight thousand American service men — died in Vietnam! From the Tonkin Gulf Resolution of August 1964, to the — Tet Offensive of January 1968, and finally to the fall of Saigon in April — 1975, the American public were denied the truth about the Vietnam War. —

I think they deserve much better!

The facts on the Vietnam War are now available online. —

Simply access www.jbs.org/visitor/focus/vietnam, or likewise — www.thenewamerican.com and click on "subject index." I'm sure readers — will be shocked and angry at the betrayal and sellout of American troops — via the insiders and political elitists who deliberately concealed this — from the American people.

James A. Farmer

Many thanks for FOTAS support

On Aug. 14, Friends of the Animal Shelter once again joined — efforts with the Ashland Food Coop for a very successful dog wash. Eighty-nine — previously dirty dogs walked away squeaky clean and many sported freshly — clipped nails. Through the generosity of these dog owners and other folks — who donated cash, FOTAS raised $1,026.67

Friends of the Animal Shelter, a volunteer organization — that supports and participates in the adoption and animal care programs — of the Jackson County Animal Shelter, is deeply appreciative of the support — that the Ashland Food Coop provides each year at the annual "Dog Days — of August" dog wash. It is a wonderful example of a business reaching — out to assist the community.

AFC provided space, water and hoses and took care of all — the publicity. The Grange Coop provided all of the shampoo. Bark Avenue — and Megan, a new supporter who is beginning her own business, clipped — nails all day and donated all of the proceeds to FOTAS.

Thank you to Annie Hoy and the Ashland Food Coop, the — Grange Coop, Shari and Felicia of Bark Avenue Grooming, Megan, the 16 — FOTAS volunteers, volunteers from Girl Scout Troop 2970 and Brownie Troop — 2890 and all the dogs and their owners who came to get clean and trimmed. — It is a wonderful statement of community concern for those who cannot — speak for themselves - the dogs and cats at the shelter.

Linda Champlin — President, FOTAS