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Coming changes require creative input

I don't want to complain about change, as it is the most — inevitable fact of life. Instead, I encourage all of us, and especially — those in "power" to step into the process of change with full-on creativity. —

Ashland will and must change, as more and more people — want to be here, and as money does the talking it always does. But we — have choices, and our public servants (remember that phrase?) are here — to implement our choices.

I think the mixed-use downtown can be really wonderful, — but we must hold fast to making it express diversity in terms of including — lower cost housing and rentals. If we want this to be a creative town, — we must allow creative people to live here, and artists and artisans are — not usually the wealthy folks wanting more golf courses and mini-mansions.

Also, we need to balance the density and upward growth — with more inviting green spaces in the downtown area (like the wonderful — labyrinth, thank you!) which also welcome children. Intelligent landscape — architecture is as important, and often more nurturing of community, than — buildings and parking lots.

Last, but not least, traffic. It is time to consider making — some areas pedestrian only, as blasphemous as that sounds in our car culture. — It works in European towns full of tourists, why not here? Long term planning — should include pedestrian only use around the plaza, for instance, and — moving parking lots to the outskirts of the city with shuttles and effective — public transportation to support our quality of life and air. Let's be — fearless and step into innovation; this place is worth it!

Vanessa Scott

Give support to ScienceWorks

We want to join the many local and visiting families and — sing the praises of ScienceWorks museum. Not only are the exhibits clever, — intellectually challenging and exciting to children and adults, but the — summer camp program is outstanding.

Our grandson Sam attended "Circus" camp. Besides juggling, — balancing and other familiar circus tricks, the children learned the science — of circus. Because of the excellence of the staff (Jill and Craig, her — teen assistant), there was order and there was joy. We were treated to — a concluding performance, which is part of all camp programs. Keep up — the great work Scienceworks. And as a community, let's support this museum — financially and by volunteering.

Barbara and Carl Hopfinger

Business tactics don't work —

Sid DeBoer has apparently confused his neighbors with — corporate CEOs. Is his comment that he will be a good neighbor and build — a smaller house, as long as his neighbors behave themselves and don't — object, some sort of corporate-like blackmail? Hey Sid, what might work — in the corporate boardroom isn't really considered ethical or appropriate — in the neighborhood.

Tom Dimitre