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Thanks for library support

On Aug. 25 and 27, my brother and I had a lemonade stand — and ceramic cups fund-raiser for the Enhancement Fund of the new Talent — Branch Library. We are proud to say that we had a very successful event. — Through the help of the many lemonade customers, including all of our — good friends and neighbors, we raised $1,450.

We asked several local ceramic artists to donate handcrafted — cups for this benefit and were generously given all of the cups for the — sale. We want to give a big thanks to Polly Beach, Charlie Hoye, Phil — Fishwick, Bonnie Morgan, Frank Philipps, Garry Price, Jim Robinson, Cilla — Russell, and Marian Telerski for giving us over 250 unique pieces of art — to sell with lemonade in them. Special thanks to our Dad who alone made — 150 cups! Thanks to Shop 'N' Kart who happily donated all of the organic — lemonade and Tark's Market for the ice.

We also want to thank Laurel Prchral, head librarian of — the Talent Branch Library for her many caring comments and support to — us through the entire planning and running of the event. She and all of — the staff at the library are a big reason that we and everyone else love — this library so much. Also thanks to the Jackson County Library for all — of the publicity, and to the Friends of the Talent Library, a tireless — group of volunteers who are heading up the Enhancement Fund effort and — are working hard to raise $250,000. All of the Friends volunteers made — an effort to come to our sale and purchased cups!

My brother and I had never done something like this before, — except for last summer when we sold lemonade on our road and earned $29 — for the library. The experience of doing something positive and then having — something to give back for the effort is truly a great feeling. We think — everyone must like this feeling, and hope that we all find ways to give — back to our wonderful community.

Riley Price

Noah Price


Tidings leading way for Kerry

Congratulations on your recent editorial. You have intelligently — and accurately cut through the Bush administration's fog of phony war, — its blizzard of mendacity, and the slough of smear it has created to divert — citizens from the monumental disaster it 's policies have led us into. —

You are quite correct in your main point: Bush has severely — damaged the American economy, the social fabric of our nation, and the — well-being of the vast majority of our people. It is also clear that the — trashing of our civil liberties and of our environment will continue if — Bush steals another election. To my knowledge, the Tidings was the first — newspaper to call for Bush's defeat in November; now the Seattle Times, — which supported Bush in 2000, has come out for Kerry. You are leading — the way.

Gerald Cavanaugh

Bush years cause gun support

I grew up around firearms. My dad gave me a .22 for X-mas — when I was seven and I practiced every weekend in the woods behind our — house, weather permitting.

My dad and I both belonged to the National Rifle Association, — which was at that time, mirabile dictu, mostly a hunter safety and conservation — organization, along the lines of Oregon Trout or Ducks Unlimited.

My dad (a conservative) was a lifetime member, but finally — quit due to their constant right-wing proselytizing. I just let my membership — lapse, more thru indifference than any real political motivation. So it — wasn't a surprise, in a close election year, that I'd get a call from — an NRA recruiter asking me to rejoin and at the same time making sure — I voted for the Republican slate of candidates who would protect our second — Amendment rights and who supported a whole panoply of causes that really — had nothing to do with gun control. Of particular importance to him was — the ban on assault rifles which he seemed to consider almost on a level — with child molestation.

I finally interrupted his interminable speech and said: — "Son, this is a waste of time. You're preachin' to the choir. I believe — the best argument for the public ownership of automatic weapons is the — current administration." There was about 10 seconds of silence while he — digested this remark. Then - CLICK.

Doyle Hirsch

JPR is just fine

I'd like to respond to Venita Varga's letter in the Sept. — — edition of The Tidings about her displeasure with Jefferson Public Radio — (JPR).

I've never met Ms. Varga, nor heard the program for which — she advocates, "Democracy Now." But as a long-time public radio supporter, — I couldn't disagree more about JPR's approach to programming.

I recently moved to Ashland and have been amazed by the — strength and diversity of public radio in the mythical state of Jefferson. — Of course, I miss some of the programs carried by my former NPR stations — in Seattle/Tacoma, especially "The Travis Smiley Show." But, hey, I can — live without one show if I get all the other things JPR has to offer here. —

Hardcore fans of certain public radio programs can always — access them online. As for me, I'll trust JPR's "regime" to do the greatest — good for the greatest number.

Marilyn Hawkins