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Bates has proven himself

I am writing as a health professional, an administrator — of a human services agency, and most importantly, the mother of two young — children. Through my work, I have become aware of the critical importance — of a cooperative network of human services to meet the needs of community — members who are not able to fully care for themselves and their families. — Assisting low-income families to access housing, health care, mental health — and addiction treatment, parent education and well baby services will — help them achieve self-sufficiency and make Southern Oregon a better place — to live for all of us. Alan Bates' record as a representative has proven — that he is also sensitive to these crucial issues, and I hope his voice — will continue to be heard in Salem. I invite my Southern Oregon neighbors — to join me in casting their votes for Alan Bates in his campaign for state — Senate.

Linda Lewis


Keep it simple, no on 37

Oregon is a great place to live. We have a good quality — of life because our farms, forests, and neighborhoods are protected.

I value Oregon's ranchers, farmers, and foresters. I value — our family friendly neighborhoods. If you share these values, vote no — on Measure 37.

The only reason Oregon does not look like other states, — where development can, and frequently does, replace farmland, is the Land — Use Program. Measure 37 pretends to protect people's rights; but it really — takes away protections to farm and forest lands, the lives of those who — are supported by those lands, and the neighborhoods which many of us cherish.

Your land is already protected, by the U.S. and Oregon — Constitutions, from government decisions which take away its value. Measure — 37 is not needed.

Measure 37 will cause a huge increase in bureaucracy just — to handle the piles of paperwork required to find out if a claim is justified.

The Secretary of State estimates that the direct costs — for processing new claims under Measure 37 could be as much as $344,000,000 — per year, state wide, before any payments are made to individuals. No — one knows the final costs.

There is no money raised by Measure 37 for increased staff — requirements or payments to property owners. With no new money coming — in to pay new costs, the only choice will be to further reduce spending — on existing programs, to increase your taxes, or to drop the zoning requirements.

More red tape, more costs. Vote no on Measure 37.

Mary-Kay Michelsen

Ashland sliced and diced

John Gaffey's Guest forum of 9/10 was a superb blend of — rapier-like wit and cutting sarcasm. He sliced and diced our little community — all out before us with deft precision. His words seemed both playful and — malevolent at the same time. It was by far the most entertaining guest — forum I have ever read in the Tidings. Please give us more, Mr. Gaffey! — ( I believe that clever writers are the pandas of the human world.)

Tom Lipski

'Steady' Bush is a failed leader

Republicans claim Bush is "steady" in his approach to — terrorism. I'm afraid Republicans might confuse "steady" with brain dead. —

When you think of the word "steady," ask yourself this: — Who would pay $30 million to Ahmed Chalabi (a convicted felon) for pre-war — intelligence? Who would appoint J. Karpinski, a complete amateur to run — the most dangerous and intelligence-rich prisons in Iraq; turning them — into a porno-circus? Who would make the operation stink of collusion by — giving no-bid contracts to Halliburton? Who would borrow the deck of cards — stunt (with pictures of Iraq's bad-boys) from the French war in Algeria. —

Didn't Bush know that the card trick originally failed — because the Algerian insurgent organization mutated while everyone was — busy looking for the evildoers on the face cards? (The French lost the — war.)

Unfortunately, the Bush approach is simple-minded and — comes from the ideologically warped minds of Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and — five-deferment Cheney. Unless the average voter abandons Fox news and — begins think independently, it looks like we get another four years of — breathtaking mistakes from President Steady.

Larry Nollenberger