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Be wary, vote for true leaders

The ballot initiatives are a real can of worms! For the — most part this year's crop comes from folks with an ideological bone to — pick. A no vote on all them would do no harm and yes on many will guarantee — a waste of our taxes to pay for their consequences.

Instead, send our most effective legislator, Alan Bates, — to the state Senate. Peter Buckley has the skill and energy to be our — advocate for a return to serious governance in the House. These candidates — will work to reform Oregon's revenue system and return Salem to people-centered — law making.

It's time we voted for legislators committed to defending — our interests against those more concerned with undermining our shared — heritage of good government. Let's send the decade of mismanagement that — is Oregon's shame.

Don't fool around with the initiatives - send Alan Bates — and Peter Buckley to Salem.

Nan Trout

Three reasons for Hardesty

I am voting for Jack Hardesty for Ashland City Council — for three reasons:

— I have known Jack for over seven years and just plain — like the guy.

— I admire his political commitment and ideas and think — he will do a great job for Ashland.

— He will bring a fresh approach to the concept of livability — in Ashland.

Cheryl French

Done with Tidings' bias

During the past few months I have been willing to accommodate — the Tidings' pro-Kerry filtration of the news by researching election — materials on the Internet. I draw the line, however, with the front page — publication of Daniel Ellsberg's odious remarks comparing today's America — with Hitler's Germany. Ellsberg had a moment of nobility in 1971. That — doesn't keep him from being a crackpot in 2004.

I spent my 20-year career as an elected Democrat battling — Republicans, but they and I knew where to draw the line. It appears to — me that the proliferation of media bias has not only corrupted journalism — but political ethics - on both sides.

The plus of all this is that the old media has put its — credibility on the line and been found wanting. Regardless of who wins, — that will be the lasting impact of this election. In the meantime, please — cancel my subscription.

Steve Neely