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Re-elect Hartzell for council

Cate is fair, does her research and works diligently and — extremely effectively on behalf of our kids, our environment, our liveability — and our schools!

She has a heart for the people and the city of Ashland, — and is committed, dedicated, inclusive and thorough.

Cate is an example of the kind of wise, heartfelt leadership — our nation as a whole needs. She is a treasure in our community and we — are fortunate to have her on our city council. She's a keeper!

Nancy Bloom

Mr. Flip flopped again

He was opposed to the Department of Homeland Security — (initially a Democratic idea), but then changed his mind. He stonewalled — the 9/11 Commission until public pressure forced him to change his mind. — He refused to allow Condi to testify, then changed his mind. He refused — to testify, but changed his mind as long as Cheney would join him and — he wouldn't have to testify under oath. He said we must invade Iraq because — of WMD, but then he flipped and said we invaded because Saddam and al — Qaeda were in bed together. Later he flopped and said Saddam was a bad — guy. Then he flipped and said we must bring democracy to Iraq. He flopped — again asserting that a free Iraq would bring stability to the region. — And finally in the first debate he said we must "stay the course in Iraq," — but minutes later said "I feel we should shift tactics . . . in Iraq."

Mr. Flop flips once more. And this is decisive leadership?

Marshall Umpleby

Kudos to local pageant winners

Dava Nimmo was crowned Miss Southern Oregon USA, and Kelley — Whitten was crowned Miss Southern Oregon Teen USA, Sunday evening, Sept. — 26 at the Rogue Valley Country Club. Runners up for the title of Miss — Southern Oregon USA: P. J. Steers, Amber-Lynn Scott, Kelly Sullivan and — Marci Stiewig. Runners up for Miss Southern Oregon Teen USA: Marci McComas, — Alexandra Leonardo, Ashley Chase and Krystle Gutzman. Other awards during — the evening were Photogenic: Melissa Thompson and Victoria Towne; Fitness: — Dava Nimmo and Kelley Whitten. Congeniality: P. J. Steers and Victoria — Towne. The new title holders will represent Southern Oregon at the Miss — Oregon USA/Miss Oregon Teen USA competition to be held Thanksgiving weekend — at Eagle Crest Resort in Redmond. Delegates raised $725 for Sparrow Club — during the event, with a silent auction of gift baskets they prepared. — We are extremely proud of all 20 delegates.

Stephanie Farrell

Pageant Director

Christy Littrell


Thinking doesn't hold up decisions

Alan Sandler's Oct. 11 Forum letter uses a common tactic — of masking political differences or personal financial interest with attacks — on a person's "decision-making style."

My long and diverse record of accomplishments during, — and prior to, joining the city council leaves me wondering exactly what's — not getting done fast enough to satisfy Sandler and others. Critical thinking — and minority votes don't hold up decisions, they inform them. Asking "inconvenient" — questions, thinking outside the box, and prefacing decisions with public — discussion are elements of democracy.

Sandler led readers to believe that after four years of — volunteering hundreds of hours on affordable housing, I suddenly changed — my mind. The fact is, I wanted more affordable housing units. After extensive — research, I believed council could and should have gone farther in leveraging — a public parking lot for low-income housing, and addressing parking and — management issues. My vote wasn't a tie-breaker; it was honest disagreement — with staff's recommendations.

Sandler also misrepresented a vote I made that same night — (with Don Laws) against changing an ordinance to allow the City's Public — Arts Commission to compete annually against non-profit organizations for — tax revenue. I supported an allocation directly from the General Fund. —

Sandler's emphasis on "streamlining process" and keeping — people like me from "muddling" the process are candid references to his — financial interest in the use of city assets that are too lengthy to explain — in this letter. This race shouldn't be about money and influence; it's — about balanced, thoughtful representation of the people of Ashland.

Cate Hartzell

Ashland City Council