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Back in business

Sensational Sweets Bakery, closed for 18 months, has re-opened near the Eagle Point Golf Course

EAGLE POINT ' Sensational Sweets Bakery is back on the map.

The sweet-tooth destination, just a slice away from Eagle Point Golf Course's 14th fairway, began its latest incarnation earlier this month after an 18-month hiatus.

Sisters Shauna Engbrecht and Colleen Roberts anticipated they'd get a break from the daily routine and a short vacation when they shuttered their 10-year-old bakery on the corner of Highway 62 and Linn Road.

That was on March 31, 2003.

They expected to re-open five months later in a commercial development not far from the golf course. But the &

36;2 million Poppy Village project ' three buildings totaling about 19,000 square feet ' took longer than expected to build.

— So Engbrecht, 51, and Roberts, 48, who opened their bakery in October 1993 and grew into a quarter-million-dollar-plus enterprise, stowed their gear down the road at Willamette Egg Farms and took on other pursuits.

Engbrecht joined the bakery staff at Two Pines Restaurant in Shady Cove and Roberts began work on a business administration degree online.

We missed our customers ' they were more friends than customers, Roberts says.

More than a year after the proposed reopening date the 1,000-square-foot bakery shot up.

We put our equipment in here and they built around us, Roberts says.

After 18 months off the grid, the proprietors wondered how long it would take to be rediscovered. Two weeks into the new existence, they've got their answer.

I can't believe anybody remembers, Engbrecht admits. Normally, if a business is closed, I'd say 'Oh, they're gone.' I thought it would take time to work up to where we were before.

Sensational Sweets once produced 40 graduation cakes for a single weekend. Just as it did before, the bakery produces pies, cakes, cookies, donuts, pastries, fudge, bread and a limited selection of deli sandwiches. The only real change is the addition of an espresso machine.

Regulatory challenges far exceeded those of the bakery's original launch 11 years ago.

The biggest challenge has been working with the government and dealing with all the new regulations, Engbrecht says. We've seen the plumbing inspector, the electrical inspector, the general inspector, the fire department and the water district. Everybody has a section they want to check, but they were prompt and right on it.

Maurice Torano of Galpin and Associates says the bakery will have neighbors by the end of the year. Klamath Falls-based accounting firm Molatore, Scroggin, Peterson & Co. LLP will soon relocate its White City office to Poppy Village. A yet-to-named start-up coffee shop is signed up as well.

Superior Athletic Club, which operates two gyms in Medford, has an 8,572-square-foot center up for plan review and a city spokesman says the permits should be issued next week.

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Sensational Sweets Bakery


Retail bakery


155 Alta Vista Road, Eagle Point


5 a.m. to — p.m.

Monday-Friday; 8 a.m. to — p.m. Saturday.

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Colleen Roberts and Shauna Engbrecht

Shauna Engbrecht prepares cream puffs for baking at Sensational Sweets in Eagle Point. The shop recently reopened following an 18-month hiatus. Mail Tribune / Jim Craven - Mail Tribune Jim Craven