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Since WE Asked: After All, We Had To Elect Someone

It's almost over. And since the vast majority of us will have cast our ballot with either President Bush or Senator Kerry, we wanted to know why ... before we filed out vote.

So, we asked:

What was the overriding factor or issue that led you to decide on your vote for president?

Your answers follow. After reading through them, please take time to answer our new question ' which gives you a chance to dream the impossible dream.

Two reasons for Kerry are Bush's tax cut during the War on Terror and his refusal to clamp down on Saudi Arabia, a haven for terrorist funding. ' Doug S., Ashland

There are so many concerns behind my vote for president. Thank you so much for handing me the challenge of identifying the single, overriding factor that determined my vote. Here it is: An ideologue is leading us ' blindly, self-righteously, toward mounting peril at home and abroad. Our president MUST be willing to rethink, consider facts, and question himself. ' Mary R., Ashland

When Republicans crow about the track record of a corrupt and incompetent president like George W. Bush, it's easy to vote the other way. ' Harland T., Central Point

In all good conscience, I could not cast my vote for someone who believes he is never wrong. Especially when that person has his finger on the red button. ' Jackie B., Central Point

President Bush says that only he can protect us, (yet) 9/11 occurred on his watch. Why believe he can now do what he couldn't do before? ' Ed G., Jacksonville

Looking at Kerry's record in Senate, all of his anti-Vietnam crusading. I (RET/USN) served during Vietnam I would never vote for Kerry. ' James B., Eagle Point

I voted according to my morals. I won't vote for someone who goes against my morals. Don't vote Political Party, Just vote! ' James D., Medford

There isn't enough space here to explain why our vote went to Kerry. The environment, women's issues and removing Bush from office top our list. ' C. Shetterly, Medford

Keeping America safe. Senator Kerry's vote against the first gulf war proved Senator Kerry is unfit to command. President Bush's offense overrides Kerry's prevent defense. ' Bill H., Medford

No one with any common sense or decency could possibly vote Republican this year. Bush is the WORST PRESIDENT EVER! ' Darin, Boise

GUTS AND DETERMINATION. ' Marnie E., Riverside

At this particular time it's not to our advantage to change Presidents. We should see this war through and stand behind Bush. ' Phyllis R., Central Point

Although I may not agree with President Bush on all his policies, he can certainly run rings around the opposition and his rhetoric. So I chose to vote for Bush in this election. ' Victoria, Unalakleet

This Week's Question

The saying used to be: If they can put a man on the moon, then anything is possible.

In that spirit of accomplishing the impossible, complete this sentence: If the Boston Red Sox can win the World Series, then ...

Please keep your answers brief and on the issue at hand. Responses received without your name and town can not be considered for publication. All responses will appear on the Web site a week from today.

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